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BNP Paribas EasyTrackers | Philosophy

The BNP Paribas range of EasyTRACKERS (Exchange Traded Certificates), based on indices from the BNP Paribas range, have been designed for professional investors. The EasyTRACKERS range benefits from BNP Paribas long track-record in exchange traded products (over 65,000 products listed on retail markets) and expertise in systematic strategies.

Based on this experience, our EasyTRACKERS offer investors simple access to:

Enhanced Strategies

The BNP Paribas EasyTRACKER range combines a number of performance enhancing and risk management mechanisms that aim to improve each products risk/return profile. These mechanisms have been developed with the objective of consistently delivering adapted strategies across wide array of asset classes:

  • Equities
  • Commodities
  • Volatility
  • Dividends

Building Blocks for Portfolio Management

Providing investors with simple market access, BNP Paribas EasyTRACKERS are convenient building blocks for the construction and modification of portfolio allocations according to individual market views. The EasyTRACKERS benefit from a number of advantages:

  • Transparency: daily composition of the underlying indices is available
  • Liquidity: continuously listed on Euronext Paris
  • Cost-effective exposure: most BNP Paribas Indices track futures-based indices

Fully Collateralised Investments

Most BNP Paribas EasyTRACKERS offer the advantage of being fully collateralised with European sovereign bonds with a minimum
AA- credit rating (S&P rating)(1). In addition, the products are redeemable at the closing underlying Index level as observed 5 days following notice(2).

1) As of 01/06/2013
2) Minimum size of 5,000 certificates, settlement made within 5 days and fees of 0.20%
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